Maisha Mapya International Ministries Inc. 

2016/2017 Spanish G.E.D

English G.E.D graduates

Grandson & Grandmother

ESL Fall 2015

Executive Director with Student Jerri Martin

Student sharing talent during graduation

Graduates sitting during Graduation

Kristen Yazzie 

Spanish G.E.D Students

Student Speaker: Usiel

Winter Graduation 2017

Winter Class Of 2017

Graduates getting ready to receive their Diplomas'. 

Benson sharing stories about the graduates.

Spanish G.E.D Students With Executive director Benson Ndolo

April and Travis with executive director

Congratulation to all graduates, we are very proud of each and everyone of you.

G.E.D students after graduation

Student & Mother

Mercedes and Valyncia leading the Class of 2017 

Students: Kimberly, Shaunee, Naomi

Spring 2016 Spanish G.E.D

Kateri Williams