How to Register for and take the GED Exam

You can register for the GED/HiSET exam by visiting their website at and following the online instructions. If you have any questions you may contact us at 1-505-722-8973

HiSET is now allowing for At-Home Testing which can be done on most computers with a webcam. We offer a testing location at our facility if you require it, and while we are not able to make the payments, we can help you with any assistance you may need in navigating the process.   

   Request GED Test Results, Transcript and Diploma
You can access your GED test results and order your Official GED Transcript and Diploma by registering with

In order to register for the General Educational Development (GED) exam, the examinee must

  • Be at least 16 years old

  • Complete the withdrawal process from your school district

  • Complete the Underage Verification Form (UVF)  and send it to the testing center for approval.

Testing Costs

HiSET has 5 individual tests (Math, Science, Social Studies, Reading, and Writing)

Each of these tests has a cost of $10.75 and includes free 2-retakes.

Because of At-Home testing, HiSET is also includes a proctoring fee, which is the person on the other end who observes you while you test. This fee is $17.50, is non-refundable, and is included each time you take a test.

The total costs of the tests is $143.75, assuming that you pass each on the first attempt (otherwise add $17.50 per additional attempt)

This testing can be done at either our location, or we can assist you in getting it set up. 

GED Registration (Program Currently On Hold)


Online High-School Equivalency  Program


We are currently offering a High School Equivalency study program that utilizes both in-person classes and online resources. This course does not have homework or certain test dates, and it is up to the student to manage their time appropriately and complete practice assignments outside of class. This ultimately means that how quickly the student receives their High School Equivalency is entirely dependent upon them. By utilizing our support, you can work around your schedule to get your high school equivalency quickly and inexpensively

A one-time registration fee of $25 includes various resources we have compiled in a Google Classroom is designed to teach you what you will specifically find within the test.

It also includes:

-General assistance and support with the study process

-Access to any new resources added in the future  

-Help for you to find any additional materials or resources you may need 

-Help with setting up for testing

-Use of our facility for testing

-One-on-one and small group tutoring

The Google Classroom is designed to help supplement the information in the book to prepare you for what is on the test, how best to answer the questions, provide practice tests and questions, and give you the knowledge you need to get your High-School Equivalency. We are dedicated to getting you your high-school equivalency in a timely fashion in a way that works with your schedule. 

Online video lectures, practice tests, and practice problems will simulate a classroom experience, but it is ultimately up to the student how long it will take them to finish. It should be approached like a real online class, where the student will create a schedule for studying and follow it. There are no homework assignment or testing dates but we can assist those students that would like a more structured learning course. 


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