Maisha Mapya International Ministries Inc

How You Can Help

Sobriety Recovery Program

This program helps people who have gone through an addiction treatment program. We provide housing and life skills to these residents.

The cost is $200/month for room and board plus free aftercare classes. This program can have 3 phases depending on the individual resident. Phase 1 is 6 months and phase 2 is 1 year and in Phase 3 the residents move out to live on their own, but are still under the program. 

Donations will be accepted to help these individuals who are committed to change their lives.

New Life Bible College

​Bible classes will start this Fall, and many people are interested. It will be online for now due to Covid-19. We will offer 1-year Certificate level and 2 year Associate degree. Our is to prepare workers for ministry. The cost involved is not something some students can afford easily. Donations will be accepted to help those students get some scholarships for this wonderful ministry opportunity.

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New Life Technical School

This coming fall we are starting online technical classes. 

We will provide online courses in certificate and associate degree levels. The programs we include are Medical Billing and Coding, Customer Service, Plumbing Technician, Automotive Technician, and Construction Carpentry.

You can deliver your donations to:

New Life Learning Center
309 South Chino Loop
Gamerco, NM 87317

or mail to:

New Life Ministries
P.O Box 4499
Gallup, NM 87305

GED/High School Diploma Equivalency

We work with low-income populations where resources are often very limited. The cost for registration is $25, GED textbook, official state test costs $120, Due to Covid-19 we are now offering online classes.